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Caribbean Thai pancake

The kids want pancakes, and you know you shouldn't. So make the kids their breakfast knowing they're the ones slurping up the syrup while you're enjoying a pancake or two sweetened by Caribbean Red® papaya and Thai guava. Don't act surprised when the kids want to try.


1/4 Caribbean Red® papaya
1/2 Florida Thai guava
all the fixings for pancakes

Yield: 2 pancakes
Prep time: 5 minutes, the pancake making

How to chop Caribbean Red papaya   How to cut a guava


1. Slice the top off of a Caribbean Red papaya. Then slice a 2" thick piece across the middle. Discard the seeds. Cut off the peel. Cut into 2 rounds. Put aside. Wrap and refrigerate the remaining papaya for another dish.
2. Peel a Thai guava. Slice vertically and scoop out any seeds. Cut one half into pieces. Put aside. Wrap and refrigerate any remaining guava for another dish.
3. Make the two pancakes as you normally would. Let each pancake cook slightly before topping with the papaya round. Add the pieces of Thai guava to the fry pan. When ready, flip the pancake and top with Thai guava before removing from the skillet. Serve immediately.

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