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Uniq fruit limeade

Uniq Fruit and limes make a perfect drink for sitting on the deck and enjoying the sunset. This is easy to make, making it quicker to hit the deck.


6 small or 3 large limes (1/2 cup juice)
1 Uniq Fruit
2 tbs sugar
1 8 oz. can lemon-lime carbonated drink
optional: 1 tbs tequila

Yield: 4 servings
Prep time: 10 minutes


1. Wash the limes thoroughly. Cut off the ends, then cut in quarters. Add to a blender.
2. Peel the Uniq Fruit and add the sections to the blender. Add the sugar and carbonated drink. Pulse until relatively smooth.
3. Drink with the pulp or strain through a fine mesh strainer. Serve over ice.

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