Treat yourself this Halloween without the hassle of going door-to-door. These recipes are easy enough to make while handing out the store- bought sugary treats at the door.

Because of the natural sweetness found in Caribbean Red® papayas, these treats need less refined sugar to deliver their great taste. They're sweets for grown-up tastes. Why should Halloween be just for kids? 

Make ahead of time and gift-wrap for a special spooktacular hostess gift. Part of the fun is having the party guests guess the main ingredient. 

From our fields to your store
Caribbean Red papaya grove

Brooks Tropicals grows, packs and ships Caribbean Red papayas in Belize. 

For our customers, this generates not only great-tasting papayas but also efficiencies in the wise use of natural resources, while effectively providing a valued work environment for our 800 full-time employees in this Central American country.

Our state-of-the-art agricultural practices and facilities create an integrated supply chain that not only speeds our papayas to market but also allows us to obtain (and, we might add, exceed) social compliance audits for our employees and as well as food safety audits for our fields, packing houses and distribution centers. 

Our Belize Management team
Our management team in front of our Belize headquarters
not GMO label

Reading the label will tell you if produce is GMO.

Four-digit numbers indicate that the produce is conventionally grown, as our Caribbean Red papaya are. 

Five-digit numbers that start with 8 indicate that the fruit or vegetable is GMO. If the number starts with 9, it means it's organic.
Caribbean Red papaya nutritional info

Caribbean Red papayas are vibrantly colored with the naturally occurring red pigments called carotenoids. Primary dietary carotenoids include lutein, beta-carotene, lycopene and beta-cryptoxanthin, all of which act as antioxidants in the body. As antioxidants, they tamp down inflammation and can be effective as cancer-fighting agents.

 Caribbean Red papaya nutritional label

Know when it's ripe
Ready to eat starting at 50% color
Ready to eat starting at 50% yellow
Starting at 50% yellow, the Caribbean Red papaya is ready to eat when it gives a little if squeezed. Once fully yellow, you should enjoy the papaya in three to four days. 
Caribbean Red papayas are available year-round. 
We're the largest importer of papayas into the U.S. and Canada. If your local grocery doesn't stock them, ask your produce manager to try a box. Chances are, our Caribbean Red papayas are available in your grocery store's distribution center.


Yours in the tropics,

Mary Ostlund

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From our fields to your store
Caribbean Reds are not GMO
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Know when it's ripe
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