Pick the juiciest

Picking a juicy limeThe greener the better? Not really.

Think about it, most fruit start their growth green. Limes can change to a different shade of green or even yellow.

A dark green lime limes tends to be hard, acidic, and have very little juice.

For the most juice, pick limes that are...

• Soft to the touch, just not hard as a rock.
• Heavy for their size. That equates to more juice.
• Lighter green color, or even yellow. That equates to less acidity, better flavor, and more juice.

A lime doesn't have to have uniform color to taste great. A lighter green or even yellow just means that part of the fruit got more sun. Wind and rain move branches, leaves and other limes. The parts of the fruit that got more sun will be lighter. This doesn't impact taste nor the amount of juice.

Lime scrapesWhat about scrapes? Those are usually where branches, twigs or other limes rubbed up against the lime. There's no impact on taste or the amount of juice.

Is there a lime season? We grow our limes in Mexico which has four growing seasons. We're harvesting year-round but there are peaks (May thru October) and lows (mid-February through April).

Brooks' lime labelBrooks' limes are food safety audited from field to your store.
Look for the Brooks label.