Also called a Mexican lime, this small (1-2"), round, thin-skinned yellowish fruit has a brisk, unique flavor compared to other limes. The key lime usually has a more tart and bitter flavor than other limes. Compared to lemons, key limes have a higher sugar and citric acid content. For a different accent on or in your food, use the key lime instead.

Nutritional Info

Serving size 1 fruit Amount per serving
Calories 20
Total Carbohydrates 7.0g
Dietary fiber 2.0g

Taste: Highly acidic and uniquely tart

Selection: Choose a firm fruit that feels heavy for its size. Skin should be light yellow and fine grained, like leather. Avoid any signs of decay, mold or blotchy, brown spots. Don't buy if the skin is turning hard or shriveled.

Ripening: Not necessary

Ethylene Production: Low

Ethylene Sensitivity: Medium

Shelf Life: Keep well at room temperature. Once ripe, the fruit can be wrapped in plastic and refrigerated for up to one week.

Brooks Availability: All year

Brooks Origin: Mexico

Storage Temperature: 55°F

Storage Humidity: 85%-90%