No recipes needed- dragonfruit dishes

Want to add more fruit to your diet? Love the thought of trying something new?

Try dragonfruit! No need to find a recipe for it (although we have plenty for you to peruse...).

First cut open the fruit. It's easy, cut open across the middle or from top to bottom. Your choice:

1. Enjoy with a spoon
2. Scoop out the polka-dotted white interior. Slice, chop or use a melon-baller.
3. Or slice into thin rounds or quarters. The peel easily comes off.

One slice opens to some beautiful fruit.

Here are six ways to enjoy dragonfruit, with no recipe in sight.

1. Always wonderful just eaten straight out of its shell.

2. Add pomegranate seeds to a dish of dragonfruit.

3. Top the breakfast's waffle, pancake or cereal with dragonfruit bits.

6. Make it a berry nice tasting and great looking salad with berries and dragonfruit served in a dragonfruit half.

4. Scoop out and blend for a great and healthy smoothie. Just add a touch of honey.

5. Melons and dragonfruit - delicious!