Your Guac Could Be In Danger: A Pesky Bug Is Killing Avocado Trees In Florida

Article written by   AUG 3, 2016 for WLRN radio

It’s like a scene from a movie. On one side there are bare and dead avocado trees. On the other, there are freshly planted and seemingly healthy avocado trees – some bearing the large green fruit we love to squish and turn into guacamole.

In all, Ostlund says it takes a lot upkeep and feet-on-the-ground to keep their groves alive.

But sometimes all the work and care are not enough to save a tree. Brooks Tropicals maintains 3,000 acres of avocado trees, but Bill Brindle, vice president of sales, said they have already lost nearly 30 acres to the disease.

“It’s an ongoing battle, and we’re continuously re-planting those trees, so in the future our avocado groves will still be healthy and have full production,” Brindle said.

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