Year in review: Tropical Fruit

Excerpts from an 2/11 article in the Produce Retailer written by The Perishables Group

Tropical fruit realized growth well beyond the produce department in the latest 52 weeks, up 10.5% compared with 2.7% for the department. Mangoes, papaya and dates led growth, all increasing by more than 10%. In a tough economic environment, the growth of this evolving category proves its staying power.


Tropical fruit: Year in review

Tropical fruit accounted for 1% of produce department sales. Comprised of mango, kiwi, papaya, pomegranate, tomatillo, dates, coconut, figs and other tropical fruit, the category sold an average of $404 per store per week nationally, up 10.5% during the 52 weeks ending Oct. 30 compared with the previous year.

Mango and papaya, two of the three highest-selling varieties, had dollar growth above the category average with respective increases of 23% and 16.2%.

Evaluating regional differences in tropical fruit, the East region led sales with $513 per store per week. A gap of $197 occurred between the top-selling East region and the bottom-selling South region, which sold an average of $316 per store per week.

The West region had the most significant dollar sales increase of 17% but was the second-lowest dollar contributor at $355 per store per week.