Versatility – Groovy Coconut’s middle name

Coconut cake that shows off the coconut

Coconut Cake is usually white, but orange really shows off those tasty white bits

Always a favorite in baked goods and sweet treats, coconut also adds flavor and texture to savory dishes. Adding coconut usually doesn’t require a change in ingredients (although you may want to reduce sugar in the recipe).

Coconut can be added and enjoyed in almost any recipe. Unlike packaged shredded coconut that has added sugars, fresh coconut isn’t as sweet but it packs a fresh, light tropical taste that can’t be beat.

flake, shred, chop, curl, slice - your choice

Slice, flake, chop, shred (not shown curl) - you choose. The middle one is chopped by a food processor.

You choose whether to shred, flake, shave, curl, chop or slice the Groovy Coconut™. You can do all 6 with one coconut. Whatever you don’t use can be store in the freezer in an airtight container or plastic bag up to six months.

Add a cup to your favorite bread recipe

Add a cup of coconut to your favorite bread recipe

Think of coconut as a recipe’s flavor boost. Some recipes you won’t be able to tell coconut is in it, but the dish will seem much fresher, lighter, even tropical.

top a salad with coconut

Coconut topping a salad is a stand-out

Packaged shredded coconut v Groovy Coconut - the label comparison

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