The new papaya box

The new papaya box is coming along with strange-to-me twists along the way.

Because I didn’t want to throw cold water on the full color box option, I pulled together 10 lay-outs. 7 were my own and 3 were a graphic designer’s which I’ve pulled in to help. The lay-outs ranged from three color to full process color.

The first ‘winner’ of the above lot was this one (one of mine, I might add). I love the dynamic wave that seems to rush out at you while passing to the other side of the box. I was thrilled that they like the abstract papaya; it hasn’t been that long since we use a rather ‘botanical’ illustration for our advertising.

It turns out my boss hates red. He wanted more white space, and way less red. The ‘Caribbean Red’ header was too fancy, more sophisticated was what they wanted.

I’m always amazed at what comes out of my mouth during such times when I’m arguing for a particular design. It’s all the unconscious logic that bubbles up. In a casual conversation, had you asked me 5 minutes before why I choose the font I probably would have shrugged my shoulders. But in the meeting when the ‘chocolate’ font – so aptly named, don’t you think – was being ousted, out of my mouth came “don’t forget we need a font that helps make 2 words one. Truly sophisticated fonts won’t often do that.” Then I made him think of art deco and how an art deco font wouldn’t pull two words together. There is a reason why art deco hotels over on South Beach have only word to their names. The chocolate font is history but super elite fonts won’t be on the box either.

I walked away thinking we were still on solid ground, lots of nits but all doable. It turns out I wasn’t as far down the path as I thought.

I got my super graphic artist back involved and he churned out these three drafts. Why he had to play around with the papaya, I don’t know. I got it approved, move on. Header approved, my papaya remained approved, other nits like the word ‘papayas’ too big all fixable. Yet my boss wanted more white space and I was losing the wave dynamic.

The graphic artist whipped out three new lay-outs. The one with all the white space I thought would get my boss to eagerly jump on the wave bandwagon. Turns out he loves it.

However, the VP of National Sales showed it to his wife and another woman. God bless them, they love the wave!

Meanwhile I was intrigued by the whisper of the wave in the third option.

Big boss was wavering but had ideas. VP of National sales had ideas. More ideas meant back to the drawing board. I left the graphic artist out of it. We were back to doing some rough drafts.

So I did these with varying saturations of red, color opaqueness.

I’m not liking this.

These are their ideas. The first shows ‘waves’ that will go between boxes while they’re on a pallet.

The second and third pull in the graphic design from my factsheets.

I’m not handling the approval process very well. We are nowhere yet so much ground has been covered.