Thai Guava – try some in the executive conference area

Thai Guava is sold both from boats and street vendors

How do you eat Thai guava? Like a Thai of course.

Thai guava is usually eaten unripe. The fruit is a popular food vendor treat in all of Southeast Asia.

The fruit is usually sold on bamboo skewers two to a plastic bag. You sprinkle your choice of condiments into the bag, shake and enjoy.

In Thailand, the condiments most likely available will be a mixture of salt/sugar/chili powder. Thai guava, or farang as it’s called in Asia, is also popular in other Southeastern countries. In Vietnam, the condiments added to guava may include a mixture of fish sauce/sugar/chili powder. In Pakistan and India, you may be sprinkling salt and cayenne pepper (that’s hot!). Also popular anywhere in Southeast Asia isa mixture of soy sauce and rice vinegar.

There’s an assortment of condiments and Thai guava in the executive conference area to try for yourself. When you get a break or on lunch, stop by and try some.