Taste the Tropics – promotional outreach

As a blogger or food writer, exploring new tastes, foods and cuisines is what you do best. Growing tropical fruits and vegetables is what we here at Brooks do best.

Brooks makes it easy to highlight the exciting tastes of the tropics in your work. We can provide sample papayas, SlimCados, starfruit, Uniq Fruit and other tropical specialties, photos, recipes and their photos, artwork and giveaways for a themed promotion on the web.

To sign-up for future promotions, email maryo@brookstropicals.com

‘Simple Math Guacamole’ is an example of a themed promotion (in conjunction with Concord Foods’ Guacamole Mix) currently underway. Our bloggers and food writers received the following:

1. Sample fruit/guacamole mix and information
2. Recipes and photos

Thumbnail files makes image selection easy

3. Digital artwork


4. Giveaways ready-to-ship to readers

Taste the Tropics Poster