SlimCados benefit from new health studies

SlimCado summer and fall promotions build avocado category sales. You can specifically target the health-conscious consumer, the dieter and Latinos who prefer SlimCados for their native cuisines.

SlimCados are a range of avocado varieties marketed by Brooks that have up to one-half of the fat and one-third fewer calories than the hass avocado. Branding them as SlimCados informs the consumer about that difference.

Guacamole displays really pop with SlimCados bright green-skins breaking up the dark green of hass. Consumers love a choice and merchandising more than one avocado builds overall category sales.

Also think of displays with ingredients for salsas, salads, and sandwiches. And, of course, display simply by themselves. It’s an eye-catcher, but placing a basket of limes nearby will add to the unit sale.