SlimCado Avocado is one of the 5 Flat Belly Foods

Excerpts from articles on Prevention Magazine and The NewsLeak websites.

These five ingredients hold the power to truly transform your body, not to mention lengthen your life. The secret is their magical “MUFA” (Aka good fat!). Number three is the Florida avocado (for the other 4 ingredients click here).

3. Avocado
Florida avocado or Hass avocado
Slice and serve with a salad or any entrée; mash with lime juice, salt, and pepper and serve with chips; chop and fold into store-bought salsa

A serving equals: 1/4 cup

Make a MUFA meal with avocado. Click for the recipe: Chicken with Citrus-Avocado Salsa

What is MUFA?
MUFA (rhymes with loofah) stands for monounsaturated fatty acid.

The MUFA Diet was featured on Good Morning America today. It is a diet plan that focuses on the good fats called MUFA. Eating these types of fats is supposed to help keep your body from accumulating belly fat. The MUFA Diet has five different categories of good fats. These include nuts and seeds, oils, chocolate, avocado, and olives. When following the flat belly diet plan you eat one serving from one of these categories at every meal. This is supposed to help keep the bad fat away.