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Look who’s visiting Brooks!

Photos taken by David Baskin


Flambre – a dish with over 110 ingredients!

Armando brought this Guatemalan dish in today. It has over 110 ingredients! There are eggs, chicken, pepperoni slices, beets, at least 3 different types of cheese, lettuce, ham and so much more.

I should ask for the recipe.


Ice Cream Social

Accounting had an ice cream social with all the fixin’s!

All the fixins’

Nadine and Juanita having a scoop.


Florida’s Bountiful Fall and Winter Produce Offerings

Excerpts from an article written by Doug Ohlemeier, Produce Business 10/17.

Florida’s long growing season and unique climate provide retail buyers a wide variety of produce.

Retailers depend on Florida for consistent supplies. “Florida is your go-to state when you’ve got fall and winter produce aisle to fill and customers who want domestically grown whenever possible,” says Mary Ostlund, director of marketing for Brooks Tropicals. “Florida’s harvests are usually quicker to market and fresher upon arrival, lowering transportation and shrinkage.”

Southern Florida is one of two tropical sub-climates in the continental US. Broos Tropicals continues to open and develop markets on the West Coast. It ships Florida starfruit to all points west, including California and Texas. Because it’s sweeter than its Asian counterpart, mainstream consumers are discovering the fruit, says Brooks’ Ostlund.

Such tropicals find favor among Northeastern buyers. “The northeast continues to shine for us with special attention to retailers establishing a solid foothold with their Hispanic and Asian customers,” she says. “Tropicals’ welcome to these customers doesn’t wear thin. With the addition of Florida to the label, it’s bound to draw all to tropical flavors and aromas.”