Florida Spring Produce Report

Excerpts from an article written by Carol M. Bareuther, RD in the Produce Business 2/14 edition

Retailers who want to plant the taste of spring in their produce departments need only look as far as Florida. This southeastern-most U.S. state is in peak production during the months of March, April and May – when much of the country’s growing areas are still hard frozen. Florida is ranked second only to California in the production of strawberries, tomatoes, vegetables and melons, many of which are harvested at they peak in spring.

“Spring isn’t a high harvest time of the year for tropicals in Florida. “However, early spring starfruit, a fruit that has had a stellar growth year in sales, is still in season,” says Mary Ostlund, marketing director for Brooks Tropicals, in Homestead, FL. “Year-round tropicals such as passion fruit, dragon fruit and boniatos are doing well.”