Florida Passion Fruit’s coming into Season

Florida passion fruit in promotable volumes

Ripens to a tough, bumpy, round or oval-shaped fruit. In shades of gorgeous red and dark purple, passion fruit delivers a complex but luscious taste peaking interest in a wide-range of consumers from the health-conscious to the curious.

Two things your customer should know about passion fruit

  1.  Ripe when wrinkled – Yes, that shriveled-up fruit is ready to eat. Ripen on your kitchen counter: the aroma is like an exotic perfume.
  2. Slice, don’t bite – Just like a lime, cut it open and squeeze the outer shell for the juice. For a great crunch, try adding the juice, pulp and seeds to a dish.
    Get this info in your customers’ hands. 
    A smartphone website available for consumers how-tos. Scannable QR codes available for easy access to the mobile site. View recipes on mobile sitePassion fruit’s taste: Rich and luscious taste that’s refreshing with a slight sweet and sour floral flavor.
    Selection: Choose fruit that is heavy for its size.

    16-40 count flats

    Ripening: Wrinkled fruit is ready to eat.
    Ethylene Production and Sensitivity: High
    Shelf Life: 14 days
    Brooks Availability: Mostly year-round
    Brooks Origin: South Florida
    Storage: 42° – 50°F
    Humidity: 85% – 95%
    PLU: 4397
    Pallet count: 126

    800 – 327 – 4833
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