Five Ways to Maximize Fall Avocado Sales

Excerpts from a 8/11 Produce Business article by Bob Johnson

Avocados are one of the fastest-growing items in the produce department, as more consumers are becoming aware of this fruit’s many uses. The entire avocado category continues to ride taste and nutritional value to flourish even in tough times.

There are 5 ways to maximize fall avocado sales

  1. Display Ripe Fruit
  2. Devote Enough Space
  3. Highlight Uses
    “Displays should highlight how the avocado can be both an ingredient in salsa and also used as a bowl to serve it,” recommends Mary Ostlund, marketing director for Brooks Tropicals LLC, based in Homestead, FL. “Served with chips, it’s a great idea as a personal appetizer. Salad displays should show images or offer recipes.””Effective displays can also go beyond including avocados as another ingredient in salads. Don’t let consumers stop at using avocados as only to make guacamole or to slice into a salad,” continues Ostlund. “The popularity of the fruit indicates consumers are willing to do more. Displays should show how to use this creamy, rich bundle of green as a fruit, which it is. Combining avocado with  other fruits is a great way to get started on this new path. Making a fruit-focused guacamole combines the familiar with the unusual.”Brooks Tropicals has developed an avocado variety, called SlimCado with reduced fat. This variety suggests use in low-fat diets. “The Florida-grown SlimCado has half the fat and one-third fewer calories than other leading avocado varieties,” details Ostlund. Most Americans are looking to lower their fat intake. SlimCados can be a good nutritional choice, for example, for pairing with grilled meats, especially higher fat cuts like ribs and rib eye steaks to balance out the meal.”This fruit is particularly amenable for use at tailgating parties because it is durable and holds up at a wide range of temperatures. Tailgating displays should take into account that cooking in a stadium parking lot can bring certain menu challenges. Dishes must be able to stand up to challenging temperatures. “SlimCado avocados – as well as any other type of avocado- actually have more pronounced flavor at middle-of-the-road temperatures than when they are really cold or too hot, making them a perfect addition to a tailgating party,” Ostlund says.
  4. Promote, Promote, Promote
  5. Have A Year-Round Supply