Director of Papaya Sales

In the sales office, we have a new Caribbean Red Papaya Director of Sales, Richard Mancini who comes to us with a great deal of retail experience as District Sales Manager for a regional distributor.

“I’ve been reaching for Caribbean Red papayas at my grocery store for years, so it’s exciting to join the sales team that delivers this premier fruit,” says Mancini. “Their reputation for excellent customer service is industry-wide. I’m looking forward to expanding this papaya’s reach into the market.”

“I’ve now been working with this team now for two weeks. It’s a unique dynamic that I’ve never experienced in any other firm,” says Mancini. “My plan is to enhance this team effort putting into use my abilities to build a strong rapport at the retail level.”

“My sole objective will be to grow the market, bring in new customers, build the sustainability of large papayas for Brooks Tropicals,” adds Mancini.

Richard just celebrated his two year wedding anniversary to Michelle. He and Michelle live in Coconut Grove.