Chopping up a chayote

Peeling – optional

Wear gloves to peel the chayote, if you have sensitive skin

  1. Chayote’s skin often has a sticky sap, which may irritate your hands. To peel off the fruit’s skin, use a vegetable peeler while wearing protective gloves or peel the fruit under running water.
  2. Peel the chayote like you would an apple. Don’t worry about getting the peeler into the chayote’s “crevice.” You’ll take off that skin in step 5.

Chayote’s skin is often left unpeeled. Cooking eliminates any of the irritating sap.


Chopping or slicing the chayote

1. Slice a piece from the top

  1. Slice a small piece from the top.
    The top is opposite from the “crevice” or large wrinkle found in most fruit.

    2. Stand the chayote up on the sliced end and cut through its "crevice"

  2. Use the sliced area as a level bottom to stand the chayote.
  3. Positioning the knife in the large “crevice” or wrinkle, slice the chayote in two.
  4. If desired, slice any "crevice" skin off at an angle

    If desired, slice the inside of the “crevice” at an angle to remove any skin.

  5. Remove the seed – optional

    If desired, cut the chayote in quarters and with a paring knife cut out the seed.

    Cut the halves into quarters. Using a paring knife, cut around the seed to remove.

  6. Cut or chop as desired.