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Fresh ginger how-tos

Fresh ginger is easy to work with once you know the ropes, or should I say hands. Ginger is cut into fan-shaped chunks that are called hands. Taste test Fresh ginger will deliver a more intense flavor than dried, powdered … Continue reading


Chopping up a chayote

Peeling – optional Chayote’s skin often has a sticky sap, which may irritate your hands. To peel off the fruit’s skin, use a vegetable peeler while wearing protective gloves or peel the fruit under running water. Peel the chayote like … Continue reading


Guava know-how

You can chomp, chop, fry, bake guava just as you would an apple. But an apple doesn’t have the great tropical taste and aroma that a guava has. Choose fruit that is slightly soft to the touch. As ripening occurs, … Continue reading


Compare coconut labels


Groovy Coconuts – How-tos

Groovy coconuts™ are mature coconuts with a groove that makes them easier to open. True, opening them still takes some tools better known for building than cooking, but it’s not hard. Groovy coconuts move the coconut prep to the kitchen, … Continue reading