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Fresh Coconut – just in time for spring dishes

Fresh coconut is a delicious and nutritious source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. It’s also packed with calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Excellent for one’s immune system, fresh coconut helps fight harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Coconuts help develop … Continue reading


Florida avocados are a large variety with smooth skin and rich in fiber.

Article from one of our retail customers, Brookshire Grocery Stores’ September circular “Celebrating Cooking”. Brookshires’ Produce Pick of the Month – Florida Avocados The tough outer skin reveals a smooth and velvety, nutrient-packed flesh inside. Native to Mexico, avocados are … Continue reading


Appealing to Hispanic Shoppers

Excerpts from an article in the Produce Retailer 4/12 edition written by Tom Burfield Growing Latino population can mean big business for your produce department With their burgeoning numbers in the U.S and their propensity for fresh fruits and vegetables, … Continue reading


Is your SlimCado turning red?

Ripening stages of the Hardee SlimCado avocado Then you’ve bought yourself a Hardee variety. They’re only in season a few weeks a year, so enjoy while you can.  The Hardee SlimCado is ready to eat starting at 50% red. If … Continue reading


Avolele – the avocado ukulele

The ukulele is $400. No papaya uke is available yet.