Belize news report may be misleading

In reporting about the closing of two competitors, news bureaus in Belize accidentally made it sound like Brooks Tropicals’ business in Belize would be impacted.

This is incorrect. Brooks Tropicals is currently growing, packing and shipping over 60% of Belize’s exported papayas. We are almost back up to pre-hurricane Dean volumes of 74%. Brooks Tropicals’ papaya production is targeted to exceed pre-Dean volumes by the end of 2008.

Committed to its Belize operations, Brooks Tropicals over the last year has built a new $1.5 million building complex in Belize and has added $.5 million packing machine to its packing facility. During this timeframe, the company has also beefed up its managerial staff in Belize with the addition of Sergio Madrid and Henry Warrington.

Brooks Tropicals sees no negative impact from the competitor closings nor do we see any obstruction to achieving our goals in 2008 and beyond.