Monthly Archives: February 2018

Take your child to work day at Brooks

Hopefully, we’ve got some future Brooks Tropicals’ employees in the crowd.


Valentine’s Ice Cream Social

One of the ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day is with a bowl of ice cream with all the toppings.


Dr Oz talks about the SlimCado

  Dr OZ and a nutritionist talks about the SlimCado. They like the avocado, just not the name.


Miami’s Magic

Article in the 2/20/18 Blue Book written by Kilan.Rosann Cabrera, Rosann Cabrera, general manager for importer-exporter Bayshore Produce, LLC, handles as much local or ‘Redland Raised’ produce from Miami-Dade as possible. Although it doesn’t make up a large portion of … Continue reading


Washington Post’s article on the SlimCado

Washington Post’s article on the SlimCado is a good read. Here’s a link…