Monthly Archives: October 2016

Pick the right size starfruit for the dish

Most of Brooks Tropicals’ starfruit recipes suggest using a medium-sized Florida fruit which is about 4 1/2 inches long. It should easily fit in the palm of your hand. For recipes that highlight starfruit slices, you can guage how many … Continue reading


Starfruit, the star of garnishes

Garnishing tips Buy the size that’s fit for the job  Larger for solo appearances perched on the side of a glass or dish. Medium, if you’re using several slices to top a salad or a dish. Smaller if you’re grouping … Continue reading


Pricing for Greenskin still remains moderate. Crop shortages for Greenskin and Hass avocados

Excerpts from an article in FreshPlaza publication date: 10/26/2016 written by Pieter Boekhout. Markets appear to be up in arms about the shortage of Hass avocados and the available fruit is priced astronomically high. Meanwhile greenskin avocados, a smaller, more … Continue reading


Florida avocados featured at upscale Tampa restaurant

Ulele (pronounced You-lay-lee) celebrates the vibrant fusion of ingredients from Florida waters and land once home to many Native Americans, including the young princess Ulele. This Tampa restaurant includes intricately flavored, visually appealing dishes prepared on the 10′ diameter barbacoa … Continue reading


New banner for PMA

You may have noticed a new banner above the fruit displays at our PMA tradeshow. Here’s a closeup view.