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Hurricane update – Actualización de huracán

Monday, August 30,2015 6:55am Normal operations for Monday August 31st. Lunes, agosto 30,2015 06:55 am Las operaciones normales para el 31 de agosto Lunes.


Avocados for every appetite

Excerpts taken from the 8/15 edition of the Progressive Grocer written by Jennifer Strailey With their rich, creamy taste and powerful nutritional profile, avocados have surged in popularity in recent years to become a mainstay in U.S. Households. Fresh from … Continue reading


The Struggle Is Real For Florida Avocados

Excerpts from an online interview on WLRN, reporter Kenny Malone uploaded 8/18/15. To read or listen to the entire interview… South Florida’s biggest avocado grower, Brooks Tropicals, is trying to push outside of the green-skin’s niche market by branding some … Continue reading


Tropical fruit nicknames and things nicknamed a tropical fruit

Caribbean Red papayas are native to Central America. Christopher Columbus enjoyed papayas so much that he called them “the fruit of the angels.” The much smaller Solo papaya is also called a strawberry papaya because of its more reddish hue … Continue reading


Brooks Tropicals promotes green-skin SlimCados

Image from an article in the 8/17/15 The Packer, written by Tom Burfield