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3 top questions asked about SlimCado avocados

First time you see a SlimCado avocado, you gotta wonder. Is it GMO? No, they are not GMO. SlimCados are naturally less fat and fewer calories than the haas avocado. This avocado is just on a different branch of the … Continue reading


10 ways to enjoy a SlimCado avocado

SlimCado avocados have less fat and fewer calories than the haas avocado. And it’s natural, Brooks Tropicals have been growing them over 85 years in sunny Florida. Here are some tips to enjoy this health and weight conscious avocado. Replace … Continue reading


Florida Starfruit – New Season, New Markets

Article in the by Brooks Tropicals Posted: 2015-07-30 09:09:42 EST The Florida starfruit season for Brooks Tropicals has just begun. Florida starfruit are picked with a glow making them sweeter than imported starfruit. Brooks is now shipping to Texas, California, Arizona … Continue reading


Tropicals, the new darlings of growers

Excerpt from an article in the summer Florida Food and Farm magazine written by D. Seeley. Anyone interested in a healthful diet will do well to turn to tropical fruits because of their nutritious profiles, says Mary Ostlund, director of … Continue reading


New perspective, Brooks Tropicals logo

Tracy Cash’s, our controller, daughter drew this rendition of the Brooks Tropicals logo. Great job!