Monthly Archives: April 2015

Texas approves our carambola protocol

Several months ago, Brooks Tropicals embarked on a program to ship carambola or starfruit to Texas, California and other states that block shipments due to concerns about the Caribbean fruit fly. Brooks has worked with the Florida Department of Agriculture … Continue reading


SEPC’s STEP-UPP class visits southern Florida

Excerpt from a Produce News article written by Gordon M. Hochberg | April 17, 2015 The Southeast Produce Council’s 2015 STEP-UPP class traveled to southern Florida April 7-10 to visit a variety of well-known produce facilities and farms as part … Continue reading


Send text to 41-411

If someone asks you for a recipe or wants to know how to slice one of our produce, tell them to get out their phone and send a the following texts to 41-411 “Tropicals” – for our mobile website. Most … Continue reading


Groovy Coconuts seen at Fresh Market


Step-Upp program members come by for a tour

STEP-UPP provides an enriched learning experience for high potential retail and food service produce professionals. On April 8, this group visited Brooks Tropicals’ facility in Homestead. After a general conclave between this group and our sales team, Bill Brindle spoke … Continue reading