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How to chop a Solo papaya



Thanksgiving plans newsletter

This edition is all about pies. The chart’s forecasting a lot of pie eating, here are some tropical ideas for some great pies. Click to view newsletter . Click on pie chart for an intranet version. I would’ve brought the … Continue reading



Every week we send out a flyer to our customers. Here’s a look at what we’ve done in the last month. I get asked how the flyer is created. If it’s rather involved I give them a link to an … Continue reading


Employee Photo Challenge

Congratulations Sam Skogstad and Deanna Obana! Big win for the sales department. But don’t be discouraged, keep taking photos. New photo contest coming soon.    


You’re eating too many avocados

National Geographic article posted 10/14/14 b Dan Stone The avocado, that green, slimy, deliciously fatty fruit, the one chiefly responsible for bringing guacamole to humanity—and in recent years earning the rare and elusive title of a super food—is a botanical anomaly … Continue reading