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Ginger tasting recipes

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and tried the ginger dishes. Here are the links to the recipes.


Come to the light side, ginger that is

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Fall avocado marketing

Excerpts from an article in Produce Business by Lisa White Homestead, FL-based Brooks Tropicals, which offers SlimCAdos, an avocado variety grown in Southern Florida, recommends cross-merchandising the fruit to entice newer consumers to try it. “Displays that highlight guacamole work … Continue reading


Fresh ginger how-tos

Fresh ginger is easy to work with once you know the ropes, or should I say hands. Ginger is cut into fan-shaped chunks that are called hands. Taste test Fresh ginger will deliver a more intense flavor than dried, powdered … Continue reading


Solo papayas to sing about

Papayas – like Brooks’ Solo Papayas – work with your body, helping to build and maintain a good immune system. We need the right balance of bacteria in our gut. There’s many different kinds of bacteria in our digestive tract … Continue reading