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Brooks Tropicals moving “SlimCado” avocado and starfruit heavily this fall

Produce News article posted 8/30/14 written by Christina DiMartino “We are heavy into our Florida green-skinned ‘SlimCado’ and our starfruit movements, said Mary Ostlund, director of marketing for Brooks Tropicals in Homestead, FL. “Both programs are moving extremely well this season.” … Continue reading


Eat something sexy – Florida Starfruit

Starfruit has been selected as an aphrodisiac fruit! The FDA may say there’s no such thing as an aphrodisiac, but the website “Eat Something Sexy” begs to differ. …In addition to an ability to caress the tongue or lower inhibition … Continue reading


Green-skinned avocados show growth

Excerpts from an article in The Packer fall avocado marketing section written by Jim Offner While hass avocados continue to dominate the U.S. Market, Florida is showing growth with its green-skinned fruit, marketers there say. It’s a market both can … Continue reading


Options key to retail sales growth

Excerpts from an article written for the 2014 Fall avocado marketing guide by Jim Offner Choice is the most vital factor to fresh avocado sales success at retail, avocado marketers say. Options are important to building avocado sales, said Mary … Continue reading


Naples customer sends in SlimCado pic

Thank you Susan for the photo!