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Chopping up a chayote

Peeling – optional Chayote’s skin often has a sticky sap, which may irritate your hands. To peel off the fruit’s skin, use a vegetable peeler while wearing protective gloves or peel the fruit under running water. Peel the chayote like … Continue reading


SlimCados benefit from new health studies

SlimCado summer and fall promotions build avocado category sales. You can specifically target the health-conscious consumer, the dieter and Latinos who prefer SlimCados for their native cuisines. SlimCados are a range of avocado varieties marketed by Brooks that have up … Continue reading


Caribbean Red papaya coming back strong

Great taste and proven shelf life delivered from our fields to your stores. One integrated process pushes papaya quality to its utmost with: Ongoing research and development Food safety-audited fields, harvesting crews, packing and shipping facilities State-of-the-art packing house Papaya … Continue reading


Guacamole in the house

With SlimCado trees surrounding our offices, we get to enjoy guacamole quite often. And when we make guacamole, we make it big. With separate buildings, it’s separate platters. The rule is: return a clean platter and you’ll continue to get … Continue reading


Dragon fruit sightings in North Carolina

Thank you LaRue for the photos from Lowes Foods in Clemmons, NC