Monthly Archives: June 2014

Brazilian Limeade gets honorable mention

Gastropost is a weekly Toronto Newspaper’s recipe contest. To celebrate the FIFA World Cup, the challenge was to support a country by eating one of its foods. Brazilians love limeade that throws the whole lime in the blender. The drink … Continue reading


Thai Guava – try some in the executive conference area

How do you eat Thai guava? Like a Thai of course. Thai guava is usually eaten unripe. The fruit is a popular food vendor treat in all of Southeast Asia. The fruit is usually sold on bamboo skewers two to … Continue reading


Solid start for Florida Dragonfruit season

Consumers find it hard to walk by this refreshingly light fruit. Scooped out, its beautiful white with black dotted insides can be enjoyed on its own, or it can be chopped into spinach salads, fruit salads and chilled pasta salads. … Continue reading


SlimCado season kicks-off in Florida

SlimCado summer promotions build avocado category sales. You can specifically target the health-conscious consumer, the dieter and Latinos who prefer SlimCados for their native cuisines. SlimCados are a range of avocado varieties marketed by Brooks that have up to one-half … Continue reading


The guava fool newsletter now available

Guava Fool is a dessert, popular in the U.K. Read up about red guava in the latest Brooks Tropicals’ newsletter.