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The papaya may solo, but it’s a team player

Papayas – like Brooks’ Solo Papayas – work with your body, helping to build and maintain a good immune system. We need the right balance of bacteria in our gut. There’s many different kinds of bacteria in our digestive tract … Continue reading


Florida expecting another strong year of SlimCados

“This year, the deal is expected to be the fourth strong season in a row,” said Bill Brindle. “By having three good years in a row, our customers are lining up and are ready to go. With a fourth great … Continue reading


Photos from Bring your kids to work day


Guacamole preservative

Tip from Cook’s Country magazine With SlimCados, you will often get water at the top of guacamole after storing it in the refrigerator. Don’t panic, the guacamole is dense enough that it doesn’t re-absorb the water. In fact the water … Continue reading


Florida Passion Fruit’s coming into Season

Ripens to a tough, bumpy, round or oval-shaped fruit. In shades of gorgeous red and dark purple, passion fruit delivers a complex but luscious taste peaking interest in a wide-range of consumers from the health-conscious to the curious. Two things … Continue reading