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Papaya Perfect

If you’re walking by those large papayas in the supermarket produce section, go back and take a second look. Caribbean Reds, the larger oblong-shaped papayas, have so much to offer, in both taste and nutrition, you’ll be amazed at how … Continue reading


SlimCado Guacamole Taste Test Recipes

Click on the photo for the recipe. Thanks for participating!


Southwest Florida braces for cold temps overnight

Video: : NBC 2 web site. Jan 22, 2014 10:09 PM ESTUpdated: Jan 22, 2014 11:42 PM EST By Alex de Armas, Reporter and Ty Russell, Reporter The cold weather continues to keep local growers busy and it’s causing them sleepless nights. The … Continue reading


Farmers use helicopters to fight off frost

Excerpts from a news report from a NBC TV station  in LEE COUNTY, FL  Note: the news report shows how we use helicopters to protect our crops in Pine Island against freezing temperatures.  The video shows avocados, but Carambola is … Continue reading


Guacamole Taste Test #2

Round 2. Thank you for participating. The locations are Red pepper guacamole – Executive Conference Area Cowboy and Radiate Radish guacamoles – Accounting Starfruit guacamole – HR Passionate guacamole – Purchasing