Monthly Archives: November 2010

That’s how to sell SlimCados

Fairway Grocery Stores in NYC know how to sell SlimCados with a commendable ‘stack’em high and kiss’em good-bye’ strategy. These photos are from their 72nd and Broadway store.


Avocados, other tropicals hold on into autumn

Excerpts from an 11/1/10 article in The Packer by Doug Ohlemeier Florida is a leading producer of tropical fruits and vegetables. While south Florida may be better known for its green-skinned avocados, growers in the Redlands growing region also produce … Continue reading


Fundraising for Belize hurricane victims

Belize Fruit Packers embarked on a fund raising campaign to help hurricane victims in Belize. Employees gladly contributed and we raised about $337.75 (Bze). This money will be used to purchase can foods which is really needed in the devastated … Continue reading


4 reasons Avocados will make you healthier right now

Excerpts taken from a 9/10 Southern Living Article Avocados help protect your eyes. Avocados have carotenoid lutein which protects against cataracts and more. Avocados assist lower cholesterol. Avocados are high in beta-sitosterol which has been shown to lower blood pressure … Continue reading


Brooks says papayas a perfect addition to Thanksgiving menus

Excerpts from an 11/01/10 article in The Produce News by ChristinaDiMartino Is Thanksgiving dinner tried-and-true or innovative and creative? Mary Ostlund, director of marketing for Brooks Tropicals in Homestead, FL, told The Produce News that while it is nice to … Continue reading