Monthly Archives: February 2010

Healthy Starfruit deviled eggs

It’s time to get the deviled egg plate out of the back of the cabinet, eggs are off the ‘bad’ list* with a little help from starfruit which makes great deviled eggs without any additional fat.Rather than making 24 deviled … Continue reading


Starfruit Thai salad

Unique and tantalizing Thai salad is easy to make. The starfruit, cucumber, spring onions and sensuous dressing make it a luxurious treat for dinner or potluck. Adding chicken brings the salad into entrée status. Ingredients Salad 1 cup chopped chicken … Continue reading


Starfruit Apple Crisp

A lot of crisp recipes make the crunchy topping the star of the dish, in this recipe starfruit and apples deliciously demand top billing. Baked fruit as a frequent dessert is always a nutritional winner when sugary toppings play a … Continue reading


Bread of life: Fighting world hunger with breadfruit

Excerpts from a 2/18/10 article in the Miami Herald by Ellen Kanner Green and bumpy on the outside, pale and starchy on the inside, breadfruit may not be much to look at, but Diane Rangone believes it can help feed … Continue reading


Papaya Salsa Oriental

East meets South of the Border with this salsa. Kumquats are considered good luck by the Chinese. So add a little luck to an appetizer.Ingredients1 cup Caribbean Red papaya diced into tiny cubes2 tablespoons chopped ginger1/4 cup shallots chopped fine1/2 … Continue reading