Monthly Archives: August 2009

Fruit and Spice Park opens the Mango Cafe

Our friends over at the Fruit & Spice Park proudly announces the opening of the MANGO CAFÉ Hours of operation: 11:30 am to 4:30 pmOpen 7 days a week except Christmas Day. Café specialties include: Florida Lobster Roll, Shrimp Tacos, … Continue reading


10 Mayan foods that changed the world’s eating habits

Excerpts from an 8/27/09 article in the Alanet News by Christine DelsolNobody gives the Maya is credit for their agricultural wizardry. When the Spanish carried Mayan food back to Europe and to the Caribbean, Asia and Africa, it changed the … Continue reading


Fruit: The secret weapon in parents’ nutritional arsenal

Excerpts from an article by ARA in the Creston Iowa NewsParents, let’s face it — the average child will never really fall in love with Brussels sprouts, broccoli or cauliflower. But few kids object to fruit, making it easier to … Continue reading


Food can impact your mood

The mood influencer we know and love the best – caffeine and its cousins (theophylline found in tea) and theobromine (found in chocolate). Eagerly taken to stimulate mental alertness, the amount of caffefine varies from the 10-50mg found in soft … Continue reading


Q&A with Jose Rossignoli

Article in the 8/17/09 The Packer / Fall Avocado Marketing Section by Jim Offner. Jose Rossignoli is vice president of sales and marketing for Brooks Tropicals, LLC., Homestead, Fla. In his position, he leads Brooks Tropicals’ sales efforts, building sale … Continue reading