Monthly Archives: July 2009

Killer avocado disease discovered in Florida

Excerpts from an article published on 07/30/2009 by Doug Ohlemeier Scientists have found a south Florida commercial avocado tree infected with a disease known to kill avocado trees.This is the first case of the laurel wilt fungus discovered inside south … Continue reading


Florida firms focus on nutrition benefits of state’s avocados

Excerpts from an article published on 7/27/09 by Amy Fischback Some consumers have shied away from avocados because of the fruit’s perceived fat content, but some Florida specialty growers are working to change that misconception. With researchers finding that avocados … Continue reading


Access to fresh fruits and vegetables the key to fighting obesity

With ready access to fresh fruits and vegetables, you’re more apt to meet the USDA’s daily fruit and vegetable recommendation of consuming 7-9 services a day. But as Americans we do have incredible access to fresh produce. Our grocery stores … Continue reading


Publix ad features Brooks’ logo and, of course, our fruit

As you shop Publix Supermarkets this week, check out the store’s weekly flyer. Brooks Tropicals’ Caribbean Red papayas and SlimCado avocados are featured. I should add that our logo is featured also.


Is Eating Starfruit Dangerous?

A few blog posts claimed that starfruit could be dangerous for people with kidney problems. Rumor or fact? I finally got an expert’s answer, Dr Andrew Weil, MD. These are excerpts from an article published 7/21/2009 written by him.If you … Continue reading