Monthly Archives: March 2009

The process of critique, part 1

Sometimes pulling together all the images, all the text, all the photos in a format that sells your company or your product is the easy part. Getting others to see it as the way to go can be the hard … Continue reading


The new papaya box

The new papaya box is coming along with strange-to-me twists along the way. Because I didn’t want to throw cold water on the full color box option, I pulled together 10 lay-outs. 7 were my own and 3 were a … Continue reading


Parting comment, PhotoShop World

I can’t leave the subject of PhotoShop World without detailing the insightful comment made at the “I’m a Stranger” dinner. This was a group of folks like myself that are finding the world of marketing collapsing or imploding with a … Continue reading


Parting comment, Boston 2

My last post made me think of something I want to share. While eating at restaurant in Harvard Square where I ate on a long narrow table facing outward about 1.5 stories above street level, I conversed with a fellow … Continue reading


Parting comment, Boston

Boston is so into its colonialism. Move the revolution to another town and even a Celtic would fear the loss of its soul. The only place more modern day ‘colonial’ is Williamsburg and they charge for it. I spent a … Continue reading