Monthly Archives: February 2009

Unlock flavor with a splash of lime

Excerpts from a 2/26/09 Los Angeles Times Service article by Russ ParsonsWhen cooks read ”season to taste,” they reach for the salt shaker. That’s not a bad start. A judicious sprinkling with salt will awaken many a dull dish. But … Continue reading


The salesman’s dirty little ploy, part 2

My senses were right, I’ve been charred. My folks so badly want a beautiful full color box that my boss has questioned where I got the salesperson’s name. “Was it really the right salesperson?” Although he politely asked, I feel … Continue reading


The salesman’s dirty little ploy

Age has brought wisdom to tread carefully, but not enough wisdom to know precisely what to do. In bringing a more updated look to our marketing, our papaya boxes are lagging behind. Our old box manufacturer is not to blame, … Continue reading


The tyranny of the recipe

If you’re like me, you’ve delegated a lot of your food decision-making to supermarkets. So too have I bowed my head to the recipe. I need a recipe just about for everything. Last Thanksgiving I wrote all my recipes out … Continue reading


The consumer mailstream

The United States Postal Service sends out a monthly magazine about direct mail. In this month’s issue, they publish what is in their customer’s mailstream. They want us marketers to know what our direct mail pieces need to ‘stand out … Continue reading