Monthly Archives: January 2009

Avocado turning brown?

Spritzing with lime juice, of course keeps the green in the avocado. But did you know you could keep the avocado half you didn’t eat today in a air tight container with a little water in the bottom? No brown … Continue reading


Creative block

This time of the year is slow. The last of the avocados are nearly packed. Starfruit have exited for a while. Usually we advertise papayas or do general ads. I always like to ask our VP of Sales about what … Continue reading


Chinese New Year digital marketing campaign

The year of the ox. That I get, the year of the rat I didn’t. I’ve always like the Chinese New Year over January 1. It’s based more on the positions of the earth, moon and sun. And isn’t that … Continue reading


Pesticides on Fruits and Vegetables, when to eat organic

Excerpts from an article by Laura Dolson on About.comIf you want to maximize the good you do to your body while minimizing the cost, you could choose to purchase organic produce for the fruits and vegetables which tend to have … Continue reading


Florida cold

SlimCado avocado and starfruit trees are susceptible to freezing weather. Last night in South Florida where we grow these fruits, temperatures dipped as low as 28F. Our grove maintenance personnel were up all night in both locations providing freeze protection … Continue reading