Monthly Archives: December 2008

New Year’s Resolution – eat a salad every day

Excerpts from an article on napsnet.comEnjoying a salad a day can help increase your energy level, fill you up and provide essential vitamins and minerals found in a variety of produce. Sweet, crunchy and flavorful, this Berry, Walnut and Avocado … Continue reading


Papaya – the fruit that fights wrinkles

Excerpt from a 12/17/08 article in the Idaho Statesman by Michael Roizen, MD and Mehmet OZ, MD. Go ahead, feed your face. Eating the right stuff makes you look younger, and one fruit in particular leads the charge: papaya. What … Continue reading


Seasons greetings from your friendly tropical produce company

I have what I consider a luxury in print ads, I can do a holiday ad. Short and sweet glad tidings to our customers. One year my predecessor choose to have an illustration drawn with avocado, papaya and starfruit cartoon … Continue reading


Buying media

Media buying from my inexperienced vantage point Buying media has never been my forte. I’ve never done consumer media buying and the B2B advertising I’ve done has been very focused, hence limited number of media venue. Upfront I’ll say that … Continue reading


Avocado, remedy for bad breath

Excerpt from an article by Rone Hooper in Good Health Weekly. Here are a few simple remedies that you can use at home to help you cure your bad breath. Eat avocadoAvocado is one of the lesser known of the … Continue reading