Monthly Archives: July 2008

South Dade High School honors alumnus Pal Brooks

South Dade High School and the Dade County Farm Bureau have selected South Dade High School alumnus Pal Brooks to be one of 15 people whose information and photos will make up an exhibit called “Growing A Legacy: A Tribute … Continue reading


Building a better burger

Excerpts from an article in the Chicago TribuneBy James P. DeWanJuly 30, 2008 It’s easy to take burgers for granted, but as with everything else, the more we know, the better the end product will be. 1. Great burgers come … Continue reading


New StarPac for starfruit

It’s starfruit packaging that makes sense. StarPac helps delivers star quality fruit to your table. It earns a 5 Star Rating by1. keeping starfruit fresher2. enhancing the ripening process3. preventing bruising4. making starfruit easy to display and5. easy to scan … Continue reading


Tropical fruit now on U.S. stamps

The US Postal Service issued 27-cent Tropical fruit stamps in five designs. This is a 100-stamp coil of Tropical Fruit stamps. The stamps went on sale nationwide April 25, 2008. Illustrator Sergio Baradat of New York, New York, created art … Continue reading


Belize news report may be misleading

In reporting about the closing of two competitors, news bureaus in Belize accidentally made it sound like Brooks Tropicals’ business in Belize would be impacted. This is incorrect. Brooks Tropicals is currently growing, packing and shipping over 60% of Belize’s … Continue reading