Monthly Archives: June 2008

Fruta Bomba hosts field trip for local school

Fruta Bomba hosted a field trip by a local school on May 22nd. The children were shown a papaya grove and our nursery. Apologies for not finding out the school’s name.


The Big Move!

The time has finally come, where we can say good-bye to the old building and hello to a gorgeous building complex. The building is waiting with new furniture, new phone system and new pictures. Just about everything is new except … Continue reading


Food Safety Contest for Brooks Employees

First things first, these ARE NOT photographs of Brooks Tropicals’ facilities.These are photos that these companies submitted to trade publications to promote their produce. Probably every single Brooks employee could pick out at least three major food safety violations in … Continue reading


Auditor can’t believe his eyes! Brooks again excels in food safety.

Yes you read it right, our Homestead packing house, maintenance department and storage cooler were so good that the food safety inspector had trouble believing his eyes! He says he’s coming back to see it again.During the audit – while … Continue reading


These no-cook dinners will keep you cool

Excerpts from an article by ROSEMARY BLACK June 10th 2008 If you’d like to stay cool as a cucumber in your kitchen, eat more fruits and veggies that are often 80% or more water. That’s the word on how to … Continue reading