Monthly Archives: September 2007

Planting seedlings, Planting seeds, Resetting trees

Thanks to our 90 member crew, we’ve back on schedule for planting this year. Kudos to the crew for a job well done: cleaning-up fields, resetting trees and planting new seedlings after hurricane Dean. Needless to say this feverish planting … Continue reading


Cement Roofs on Our New Headquarters in Belize

A number of Homestead employees asked to see more about the poured concrete roofs on the buildings in Belize. Living in a hurricane-prone zone like southern Florida is making us wonder if concrete not shingles is the way to go. … Continue reading


Construction Photos from Belize

Construction is on schedule. Thanks to Santiago for sending the photos.


Fruta Bomba Hands Out Termination Letters

Excerpts from the Belize Centaur Cable Network broadcastFriday, September 14, 2007Belize Fruit Packers Ltd. and Fruta Bomba Limited are sister companies operating under the umbrella of Brooks Tropical located in Homestead, Florida. Today, approximately 800 employees total from both companies … Continue reading